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AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets Filter Media – 16fl oz

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AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets Filter Media – 16fl oz Description

AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets improve water quality for fish and other marine life in saltwater aquariums. BioMaxx Plus BioPellets initiate a more efficient denitrification process that removes nitrate and phosphate from aquarium water. High nitrate and phosphate fuels algae growth and may negatively impact invertebrate or coral.Using BioMaxx Plus BioPellets inside a fluidized filter (media reactor) will help to achieve maximum results and efficiency. Use 0.5 to 1 liter of pellets for every 125 gallons of water. Starting with a low dosage and increasing over time is preferable to beginning with a higher dosage. Be sure to rinse the media before use.Instructions 1. Fill your fluidized media reactor with the appropriate amount of AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets.2. Use a ball valve (or similar device) to adjust the flow inside the reactor so that the BioPellets are suspended within the reactor chamber. The pellets should not be pushed to the top.3. Check your media reactor once each day to ensure your BioPellets are still fluidized. The pellets will slough layers and decrease in size due to the tumbling action inside the reactor. Replenish your reactor every 3 to 6 months (or as needed) with additional BioPellets.

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