Blessings Breeder Blend Lorikeet Food

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Blessings Breeder Blend Lorikeet Food Description

Size:5Lb Formulated with the idea that Lorikeets in breeding programs should be fed a diet distinguishable from pet and non-breeding birds, Blessing’s new Breeder Blend formula is based on the latest research and feedback from breeders. It can be fed to all baby, adult, and reproducing: lories, lorikeets, hanging parrots, fig parrots, all soft bills, and other nectar eating birds. This diet has a higher protein content than Blessing’s Gourmet diets and can be fed either as a nectar (1-5 ratio) or dry as a powder. Because of the different composition, it has a distinct taste that your bird will learn to prefer over time. Blessing’s recommends mixing Breeder Blend with your bird’s current food upon introduction (about 50/50) and then transitioning to Breeder Blend exclusively over the subsequent weeks.

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