Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump

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Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump Description

Style:1900 GPH eFlux controllable DC flow pumps efficiently produce strong water flow with high pressure. Featuring a sealed DC motor and magnetic drive design, eFlux flow pumps can be used inline (external) or submersible in both marine and freshwater. • Quiet operation • Up to 65% in energy savings • Safe, low voltage 24V DC • LOOP compatible • Soft start gently ramps pump to speed • IC electronic detection protects pump if no water is present Adjustable Flow Unlike traditional AC water pumps, eFlux flow pumps are DC powered and completely controllable. Simply turn the dial to adjust the flow until the optimal flow rate is reached. This eliminates the need for flow restricting valves and ensures peak performance using less power. Incredibly Easy A cinch to install, eFlux Flow pumps have a very small footprint, allowing them to fit into even smaller sumps and tight spaces. High flow combined with high pressure makes them the perfect choice for return pump applications. Use It In or Out Safe for saltwater or freshwater systems, eFlux DC flow pumps can be installed submersible or external (inline). Quick couple hose barb fittings are included to make installation and servicing easy.

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