Current USA Ramp Timer Pro

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Current USA Ramp Timer Pro Description

Simulate natural sunrise, sunset, fading moonlight, create cloud cover and lightning storms – all from the comfort of your couch. The Ramp Timer Pro is a fully programmable 24 hour LED lighting controller that not only turns your lights on and off, but also provides on-demand dynamic lighting effects. Designed for both freshwater and marine aquariums, it’s extremely simple to use and slowly acclimates animals to the bright light that LEDs produce. Simple to program, the Ramp Timer Pro includes a 32-key wireless remote which allows you to completely program your daily lighting schedule and create on-demand lighting effects including cloud cover, lightning storms and moon lighting. Two independent lighting channels can be programmed for on/off time, minimum/maximum intensity, and even the ramp/dim duration. The internal memory stores up to four lighting schedules and waive even built-in preset lighting schedules with coral acclimation modes to make things easy.

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