Ferplast Bird Cage

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Ferplast Bird Cage Description

Size:34.25 x 18.31 x 27.56′  |  Color:Black The range of Piano bird cages features a basic and simple design, ensuring at the same time the sturdiness of materials used. Piano 6, suitable to welcome Canary and Exotic birds, is a large habitat with a solid varnished wire net structure with plastic columns and frame. Easy to clean, it has a high plastic bottom for dirt collection and removable trays. On the front and on the side, useful small opening doors have been created for everyday operations like feeding your birds. Piano is sold completely accessorized: inside, you will find all your birds need to be happy and comfortable. There are some plastic perches, drinking bottles, plastic clip for food, one feeder for mash and another for biscuit, a small bird toy with mirror and bell and swings for playing. Inside the package, you will also find the modular flexible perches to find always new configurations and customize the cage as you prefer. The special swivel feeders, at last, allow you to feed your birds easily from the outside with no problems: Brava 2 feeders are entirely made of transparent plastic so that you can control the level of seeds your birds have available. Their special locking system make them very safe. Choose the model in compliance with your pet’s size.

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