Flexicose Liquid Pet JointCare

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Flexicose Liquid Pet JointCare Description

Flexicose has been formulated specifically as a liquid. Liquids allow rapid and effective absorption. Not only does this mean that pills can take longer for your pet to feel relief, but it also means that you are paying for less actual ‘active’ glucosamine because of the cheap and inert binders and fillers. The quality glucosamine in Flexicose helps with your pet’s underlying discomfort and healps to ensure healthy cartilage and joints. Instead of simply masking pain, like NSAIDS, Rimadyl® or other drugs, Flexicose goes to the heart of the problem and targets your pet’s joint pain from within. The ingredients in Flexicose get to work supplying vast quantities of proteoglycans, the building blocks of cartilage – the ‘cushions’ between the joints. Flexicose also inhibits the production of chondrocytes, enzymes that break down cartilage.

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