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LAFEBERS Pellet-Berries

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LAFEBERS Pellet-Berries Description

Size:2.75 lb Parrot There aren’t too many foods parrots like Amazons and African greys will turn down. Not only will they insist on having what you’re having, they’ll also happily consume sunflower seed after sunflower seed or peanut after peanut. The one food item that often stops them in their foraging tracts is a traditional pellet. Regular pelleted diets might not pass your parrot’s taste test, but wait until he gets ahold of Pellet-Berries! ——- Pellet-Berries have a look, taste and feel that appeal to birds. The round, berry shape offers a mix of whole cranberries, dates, apricots and natural grains along with a heavy serving of nutritionally balanced pellets so your bird can have enriching tastes and solid nutrition, too. These special berries are sized for your parrot to hold and pull apart. Your bird will savor the satisfaction of using his beak and tongue to pick apart each berry — a more exciting way to good nutrition than simply crumbling up a regular pellet.

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