Perky-Pet Frosted Squirrel-Be-Gone Seed Feeder

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Perky-Pet Frosted Squirrel-Be-Gone Seed Feeder Description

With the Perky-Pet Frosted Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder you get elegant design and squirrel-resistant function all in one convenient package. The metal lid features a unique stamped design, while the seed reservoir boasts an attractive frosted pattern – you’ll find it hard to believe this beautiful feeder has so many squirrel-resistant elements! To offer defense against squirrels, this feeder boasts multiple great features. First, is the feeder’s weight-activated perch system, which is calibrated to support the weight of birds, but collapses under the heavier weight of squirrels. When squirrels try to gain access to the perches, the ports close off under their weight. In addition, the metal base and lid resists squirrel damage, while also adding durability. Finally, a small baffle over the feeding ports keeps squirrels away and protects birds and seed from wet weather. For easy cleaning, the reservoir easily removes from the base. To remove, simply hold in all three buttons located just above the baffle. Now you’ll be able to access even the hard-to-reach spaces as you clean! In addition, this feeder has built-in drain holes to prevent water from pooling in the reservoir, so there’s less seed waste. Use the built-in hanging hook to place this attractive feeder anywhere around your yard or patio.

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