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Rollaway Chicken Nest Box (Medium – 24)

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Rollaway Chicken Nest Box (Medium – 24) Description

Size:Medium – 24′ This egg saving nest box easily converts to either a front or rear rollaway. The bottom egg tray is mounted on either the front or back of the box and is reversible at any time. The egg guard is angled in toward the laying area. This prevents the chickens from damaging the eggs in the egg tray. The included nest pad lays on 1’x1′ galvanized wire mesh allowing for better air circulation. Constructed from quality galvanized metal and made in the USA. The solid back allows the box to be used free standing. Eye rings are attached to top back of the box and can be used to mount the box on to a wall. Vinyl flaps on the front keep the interior darker and helps chickens feel more secure and hidden. Our nests do not have any dividers! This design eliminates hens from crowding each other out. Roost bar lifts so egg tray can be opened. The roost bar can also be used as an excluder to keep chickens from using the box to roost at night. Make sure your night time roost bars are mounted at a height higher than your nest box roost bar. This will ensure the chickens will roost on the right roost bars. Assembly is very easy. All bolts are first hand tightened and than, after the box is fully put together, tightened with a wrench. No rivet gun is necessary. Time to collect some eggs! Eliminate those dirty and broken eggs! Manufactured by Yuneek.

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