Small Wingabago Bird Carrier

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Small Wingabago Bird Carrier Description

Small acrylic Bird carrier, also suitable for Ferrets and other small Mammals. 12W x 12L x 17H Carriers are non returnable. Please ask any questions prior to ordering. PERFECT FOR EMERGENCIES, BE PREPARED. (coupons not valid with this offer) **We encourage you to consider the SS Door option (you still receive the solid acrylic door) for it’s many benefits detailed below. In addition if ordered separately later (as many who do not purchase it initially decide to do) it is significantly higher in cost as its a special order item** The smaller version of the Famous Large Wingabago. This is the Cadillac of Bird Carriers. Have you liked our Facebook page? Coupons listed HERE The Wingabago was rated one of the ten best pet products by Marty Becker. View the episode HERE Accessories can be purchased Ala Carte. Here Contact us with ANY questions! A Travel carrier, dining room, bedroom. Lightweight, transparent, impact resistant. Tough, durable, impact resistant. Bird-safe, FDA approved plastic. So strong you can hit it with a hammer! Carrying Handle, toy hanger and dowel perch included Ventilation holes on sides and top. Bolt holes on top to mount optional Top Perch (not included) and mounts for bowls (not included) Carrier nests in two halves, reducing required storage space when not in use. Your bird will never be lonely or stressed by isolation during traveling. The lightweight, transparent Wingabago gives your bird a clear view of their surroundings, and allows you to monitor their safety. Birds do not feel trapped or claustrophobic. They can see out and you can see in. The carrier comes with everything you will need; stainless steel food and water bowls, 3 dowel perches in varying diameters, toy hanger, and travel safety brochure. Wingabago Bird Carrier Features: * The Wingabago is made of FDA approved, non toxic plastic which is strong, resilient and light weight. * Easy to clean. Corners are rounded so there are no seams or right angles. * Ventilation holes on sides

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