TOPs All-Natural Bird Pellets for Parrots 10lb

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TOPs All-Natural Bird Pellets for Parrots 10lb Description

Suggested Use: TOP’s Pellets are an important part of a complete diet. Feed approximately as much as your bird will consume in a day. Some days birds will eat more than others so the amount will fluctuate. Discard the remainder and feed fresh pellets each time. Consult your avian veterinarian if you have any specific diet related concerns. Although an excellent source of many natural nutrients, we believe that no pellet can provide 100 percent of a bird’s nutritional needs. Please be sure to feed vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds for a varied diet. Sustainable, Ecologically Grown Ingredients: ecofarmed rice, organic millet hulled, organic barley, ecofarmed alfalfa leaf, [The following ingredients comprise no more than 5 percent of total volume each.] organic sunflower seed hulled, organic sesame seeds unhulled, organic quinoa whole,organic buckwheat hulled,organic dandelion leaf powder, organic carrot powder, organic spinach leaf powder, organic seaweeds (purple dulse and kelp),organic rose hips powder, organic rose hips crushed, organic orange peel powder, organic lemon peel powder, organic rosemary whole leaf, organic cayenne ground, organic crushed red chili peppers, organic nettle leaf.Pellet Processing: TOP’s pellets are cold-pressed (not extruded or baked) to keep natural enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients intact.Made in the USA

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